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Success Stories

"The best thing I did for my health was contact Cathy Bruce-West for personal training. At 45 years of age I had spent little or no time staying healthy and it showed. I was eighty pounds overweight and had little energy at the end of my day. From my first meeting with Cathy I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. . My strength, cardio and flexibility have improved drastically and dropping six dress sizes was a nice benefit also. My new fitness levels has allowed me to compete at the Canadian Masters Championships with my sister,something I never would have dreamed possible two years ago. From couch potato to now World competitior...I owe it all to Cathy!"

Dr. Tami Parks

"Cathy supports the discipline of regular, proper exercise and good health. Thank you Cathy for your commitment to excellence. I have finally been able to achieve strength goals that I, at one time, thought were impossible"

Darlene Fitch, Kingston NS

"Overweight, out of shape, and knowing my future, medically, would lead to disaster; I made a decision that would change my life. Cathy's knowledge of physiology, her encouragement and most of all her sense of humor combined to give me a new a much brighter future. Thanks so much Cathy!"

Edna Miller, Middleton NS

"Since working with Cathy, my cardio capacity, energy, and stamina have drastically improved."

Linda Hankinson, Paradise NS

"Cathy has been my personal trainer for 10 years and counting. As a cancer survivor I choose to make a comittment to my health and fitness. Cathy discussed my goals and expectations in detail and designed a program that was safe and fit my needs. I have progressed over the last 10 years due to Cathy routinely changing my program adding more challenge when I need it, thus reaching my goals on each segment of my fitness journey. I trust Cathy's expert advise and recommend her for all your health and fitness goals. Thank you Cathy for helping me obtain my best health possible, and many more years of wellness to enjoy."

Kim Grimard, Paradise NS

"Each workout is fantastic! As a beginner in a gym environment, I was appreciative of how Cathy made it so easy. Each session is personalized and different from the last one; thus making it interesting. Cathy has taught me that fitness is not just an activity, but a lifestyle decision. I appreciate Cathy's 1:1 guidance, explanations, and consulting in every workout."

Heather Clarke